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Partner with other believers through an online gathering place and live out your passions together.

...imagine a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden...

Finding like-minded people who share your passions shouldn’t be difficult

Getting involved with other believers can seem intimidating with so many things happening across the community. That is why we have created City Matters.

Join with others believers and fulfill your calling

You do not have to feel isolated and disconnected in your community. We can create partnerships and fulfill our shared purpose collectively, using City Matters as the tool to link us together.

An online communication hub that connects our community like never before

  • establish local partnerships
  • dig into your God-given passions
  • plug into events in your area
  • join online groups
  • serve along slide other believers
  • make a lasting difference
  • accomplish goals together

3 Ways to Get Connected

City Matters can connect you to groups, events, and intiatives in the Original Manatee County area:

Look Around

Not sure where to start? Explore our online community to find opportunities you’re passionate about.

Search Initiatives

Discover specific ways you can participate in local events with others who have a shared purpose.

Be a Member

For $3 per month, become a member of City Matters to have access to private groups and curated event listings.

Search by Community Interest

Intiatives, events, and groups on this site are categorized into these seven areas of community interest.

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